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Why do so many people prefer Ipe wood over any other type of exotic hardwood on the market?

Ipe decking hardwood is the preferred decking wood of choice by many homeowners, builder’s and architects.  While this natural Brazilian decking wood is exotic and beautiful, it has a wide variety of properties that make it popular among many.  Many people prefer to work with Ipe hardwood for the following reasons:

  • It’s 20 times more durable than Redwood
  • It is  a Class A fire rating  decking hardwood
  • It’s resistant to slips, stains, and slivers
  • It’s a highly durable hardwood
  • It can endure harsh weather conditions
  • It’s a  versatile decking hardwood

What are some of the most popular uses of Ipe hardwood!

Many people think that Ipe hardwood is only used for outdoor decks and patios; however, Ipe can be used for many other projects. Some of these other projects include but are not limited to:

  • Ipe  outdoor decking hardwood is used for building boardwalks
  • Ipe outdoor  decking hardwood is use  for building walkways
  • Ipe outdoor decking hardwood is used for building bridges
  • Ipe outdoor  decking hardwood is use for hardwood flooring
  • Ipe outdoor  decking hardwood is used for building boat docks
  • Ipe  outdoor decking hardwood is used for building outdoor patios
  • Ipe outdoor decking hardwood  is used for building instruments

Discover how to work with Ipe hardwood for maximum benefits!

If you choose to use Ipe, it’s important to know how to work with this popular decking wood. While Ipe is slightly challenging to work with, you can still produce a beautiful finished hardwood product if you follow simple tips.  Here are some tips to follow to help you have an effortless hardwood installation process:

  • Ipe is a  hard and durable type of hardwood so  a carbide tipped blade is ideal for cutting
  • Ipe is easy to install when you use stainless steel screws or hidden fastening systems
  • Ipe  works best when you are drilling with high quality drill bits
  • Ipe works best when sealed with wax emulsion. This prevents end checking  on the hardwood

Here are some fun facts about Ipe:

Did you know the NYC Department of Parks and Recreation was one of the first organizations to use Ipe decking wood?

Did you know that the boardwalk on Coney Island was made from Ipe decking wood?

Did you know that the Treasure Island Casino in Atlantic City was also made out of Ipe decking hardwood?

Did you know the Infamous Atlantic City Board Walk was made out of Ipe decking hardwood?

Did you know Ipe is also known as Ironwood and Pao Lope?

Call our decking specialists today and ask them everything you would like to know about Ipe!

When you want to build a long-lasting, elegant outdoor deck, use Ipe hardwood. At Austin Wholesale Lumber, we have a large selection of Ipe other natural hardwoods. Whether you need Ipe for to build an outdoor deck or to build furniture, we can help. Call one of our decking specialists today and discover why many people use Ipe for their outdoor hardwood projects. We have a large selection of exotic and natural decking hardwood for you to choose from!

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Contact Austin Wholesale Decking and ask us about Ipe Decking and other exotic hardwoods and composite decking products that we carry today!

If you want to learn more about Ipe decking hardwood or purchase this Class "A" fire rated hardwood for your next project, contact us. At Austin Wholesale Decking our decking and lumber experts will help you select the correct Ipe and/or help you explore other natural, exotic decking woods or composite decking that will match your particular style and budget. No matter what type of decking material you prefer, our decking and lumber specialists are here to help!


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