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Ipe: The outdoor decking wood of choice

Discover why many builders and homeowners choose Ipe decking wood

There are a wide variety of decking woods to choose from.  However, many individuals prefer to use Ipe decking wood for their building projects. Why do they choose Ipe hardwood over other decking woods?

Ipe wood is found in the Brazilian Amazon, where the trees can stand up to 150 feet tall. Ipe is desired by many because of the many benefits it provides for homeowners and builders. During the 60’s, Ipe was in high demand due to its durability and other properties, which include:

  • It’ fire resistant
  • It’s slip and stain resistant
  • It can last up to 20 -40 years without treatment or preservative
  • It’s resistant to decay
  • It’s resistant to termites
  • It’s  resistant to fungi

What else is Ipe used for besides outdoor decks and patios?

In fact, Ipe is 20 times more durable than Redwood. This is why national parks, and world famous casinos throughout the United States built their boardwalks with Pie decking wood. However, Ipe decking wood is not only used for decks, and boardwalks.  Many builders have projects that use Ipe for the following:

  • Furniture
  • Turnery
  • Tools and Tool handles
  • Railings and Bridges
  • Gazebos and porches
  • Outdoor Patios

    Which tools should you use when you are working with Ipe decking wood?

    In addition to Ipe, there are a wide variety of other natural decking woods you can work with. However, if you choose to work with Ipe, you must know which tools to use and how to properly work with Ipe. This way you can have an easy decking installation process.  While Ipe hardwood can be fairly challenging to work with, you can create a beautiful outdoor deck or patio if you know the right tools to use.

    Finishing Ipe hardwood: It’s best if you test different finishing products on Ipe for best results. Why? Because is naturally durable, therefore a lot of water based an oil finishes may not work well.

    Sealing Ipe hardwood: To reduce the amount of end checking, use wax based emulsion to seal the ends of the decking hardwood

    Cutting Ipe hardwood: Ipe works best when you use carbide saw blades. This also prevents splintering when you are working with this decking wood.

    Drilling Ipe hardwood:  High quality drill bits work best when you are drilling Ipe
    When you follow these simple tips, and use the proper tools, you can rest assured that you will have a smooth installation process. This way you can create a beautiful outdoor deck, patio, or piece of furniture.  At Austin Wholesale Decking, we can inform you with all you need to know about using Ipe for your next project.

    Discover if Ipe decking wood is the right type of hardwood for your next outdoor project!

    While Ipe is the recommended decking wood of choice, At Austin Wholesale Decking, we also carry a wide variety of natural and exotic hardwoods.  Some of these woods include, Ituaba, Camaru, Massandaruba and more.  Whether you prefer to work with Ipe decking wood or you need us to help you select another exotic hardwood, we can help.  Call one of our decking specialists today and let us help you with all your outdoor decking needs!

At Austin Wholesale Decking, we have a wide selection of Ipe decking wood and other exotic hardwoods that are on the market!

Whether you want Ipe wood or another exotic decking hardwood for your next outdoor project, you can rest assured our decking specialists will be able to help you choose the perfect wood for your next outdoor decking experience. At Austin Wholesale Decking , our decking experts have over 18 years' experience shipping and selling beautiful Ipe hardwood and other natural hardwoods throughout Texas and the United States.

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