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A beautiful outdoor deck can add great value to any home. However, the type of wood is just as important as the deck you decide to build.  You want a decking wood that is naturally beautiful, durable and that is resistant to termites, fungi and decay.  If you are searching for the perfect wood for your home or next project, you should highly consider Ipe.

Many people prefer Ipe because of its many benefits and its high durability. However, many individuals don’t know the history of Ipe hardwood and why it’s so popular. Therefore if you prefer to work with Ipe, it’s important that you know some background information to why It’s one of the most popular natural exotic hardwoods today.  Here is some important botanical information about Ipe:

Ipe family name: Bignoniaceous family

Ipe second name: Trumpet Creeper Family

Ipe plant family:  More than 750 species/ Approximately 120 general

Popular genera: Tabebuia, Kigelia, Jacaranda, Catalpa

What were some of the traditional uses for Ipe decking wood?

The Ipe tree is found in Brazil, and once discovered, the indigenous people of the land quickly realized that Ipe decking wood was more than just a tree. They used Ipe for:

  • Medicine
  • Transportation 
  • Tools
  • Shelter

Ipe hardwood is used for more than outdoor decking!

In present day, Ipe decking wood is found all over the world, and use for many purposes. Today, Ipe is used for a wide variety of projects including:

  • Boardwalks, piers, and walkways 
  • Wooden tools
  • Hardwood  flooring
  • Stairs
  • Furniture
  • Wooden benches
  • Outdoor decking and patios
  • Heavy construction

Discover why Ipe hardwood is preferred choice of decking wood by many!

It’s no secret why many people choose Ipe decking wood over any other type of decking wood. Despite the fact that its more durable than Redwood and a variety of other type of decking woods. Here are some of the many benefits you can discover with Ipe decking wood:

  • Ipe is very easy to maintain
  • Ipe has a natural elegant look that will compliment any outdoor deck
  • Ipe has a long lasting life span that can last up to 40 years
  • Ipe is slip resistant
  • Ipe is sliver resistant
  • Ipe has a Class A fire rating
  • Ipe  is termite and fungi resistant
  • Ipe prevents splinters

    Discover how to work with Ipe for an easy installation experience

    Ipe is a highly durable and strong decking wood; therefore it can be slightly challenging to work with. However, if you use the proper tools, you should have no problem applying and installing your decking wood. This is why it’s important to use both machine and hand tools. For example, carbide tip blades work best when you are cutting this type of decking wood.

    Due to the fact the Ipe is stronger than most woods, it’s highly suggested that you perform surface preparation before you glue, screw, or nail the decking wood. If installed correctly, Ipe will dry will with very little checking, twisting or bow.  At Austin Wholesale Decking, we can assist you with all of your decking needs.

    Let us help you select the perfect outdoor decking wood for your next project!

    When you want to use Ipe for your next outdoor decking project, call us. At Austin Wholesale Decking, we have a wide selection of Ipe decking wood for you to choose from. Whether this is your first time using Ipe, or you have used Ipe decking wood before, our decking specialist can assist you with all of your outdoor decking needs.  Call us today and discover why many builders, homeowners, and contractors prefer Austin Wholesale Decking for all their outdoor decking needs.

    Contact our decking specialists at Austin Wholesale Decking and ask about the Ipe decking wood we carry today!


Call us now to speak with a decking specialist to see what type of decking wood is right for you.


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