Discover why many prefer to use Ipe for their outdoor projects!


The first step to building a deck for your home or business is choosing the type of wood that will be ideal for your needs.  When many people choose decking wood, they consider a wide variety of factors before they make the final choice. Some of the factors include:

•     Is the wood easy to install?
•     How long will the decking wood last?
•     Is the decking wood resistant to termites, fungi and weather conditions?
•     Is the wood durable?
•     Is it natural wood or composite decking wood?
•     What installation tools are needed for the wood?

When homeowners and builders are looking to build an elegant, long-lasting deck, they choose Ipe wood. But, why choose Ipe?

Why is Ipe also known as Ironwood?
It is one of the strongest, durable and long lasting natural woods on the market today.   It is the preferred decking wood choice of many because it helps create durable decks that can last a lifetime. Many prefer to work with Ipe because:

•     It’s durable
•     It’s  fire resistant
•     It’s resistant to termites, fungi and scratch and slivers
•     It’s slightly easy to work with maintain and clean
•     It prevents splinters
•     It’s resistant to UV Light
•     It has a Class A fire rating

Discover how to work with Ipe Decking for the best results

When it comes to working with Ipe decking, it’s important to know how easy it is to install and to determine which types of tools you can use for a seamless installation process. To ensure that your outdoor decking project goes as smoothly as possible, there are a few important factors to consider when using Ipe to build your deck, furniture or other type of wood project.  If you prefer Ipe decking wood, here are some things to consider:

Applying: When you are applying Ipe, you should use air dried for outdoor projects, and kiln dried for indoor projects. 
Tools:  Carbide saw blades for cutting; and high quality drill bits for drilling
Installation- Hidden fasteners and/or stainless steel screws work best during the installation process
Sealing: Wax based emulsion works best to prevent and reduce the effects of end checking
Finishing: The high durability of Ipe makes it challenging for oil and water based finishes to be applied.  It’s important that you sample a wide variety of finishing products before you finish your decking project.  

Ipe Decking

While Ipe has so many properties that prove it is built to last, many homeowners enjoy having an Ipe deck because it’s easy to clean and maintain.  It has a long-life, lasting up to 40 years, and will weather naturally for an elegant and sophisticated look.
Ipe is the perfect choice for your next outdoor project!

When you are looking for the perfect type of wood for your next decking project, choose Ipe.  Here, at Austin Wholesale Decking, we have a team of decking specialists who can inform you on all you need to know about Iipe. Whether this is your first time using Ipe or you have used it for other decking projects, we can provide you what you need to create a beautiful deck that will last a lifetime. 

Call us today and let us help you select the best decking wood for your project. 

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